Meer kennis, meer kansen.

Wat zijn de meest voorkomende fouten bij cloudadoptie en hoe voorkom je ze?

Many organizations are starting their cloud journeys, struggling to get on track and avoid pitfalls whereas current cloud adopters will increase their usage.

According to Gartner, "Despite the maturity of cloud, many executive leaders still have questions about how to embrace cloud, adoption roadmaps or what other organizations are doing with cloud." to mitigate risks, speed up adoption and maximize cost savings. Based on the experience of cloud adopters, this research reveals the common mistakes and areas in which cloud implementations can improve.

Download the report to learn about the identified key cloud adoption challenges and how to overcome:

  • Cloud adoption decisions made without central IT governance, resulting in inefficiencies and multiple cloud vendors for organizations to manage.
  • Failing in the communication of the cloud adoption benefits limits stakeholder buy-in and undermines efforts to implement the cloud strategy.
  • Overlooking technical and business factors, requiring organizations to address these challenges later in the implementation process and increasing the time and cost.
  • Maintaining beliefs around existing on-premises management and governance is valid for cloud infrastructure resources, challenging the ability to scale.



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