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Video: 10 tips to make your daily backup easier

There are a lot of game-changing features in every release of Veeam® Backup & Replication™, whether it be native object storage integration, SAP HANA support or built-in backup testing. However, besides these obvious heavy-lifters, there are many other features that are specifically designed and constantly improved to make a backup administrator’s daily life easier. Let’s see if any of these sound familiar: How to I create quick, on-demand restore point and not disrupt any existing backup policy? How to archive and export just one single VM? How to exclude deleted file blocks from my backup? If these questions are on you mind — great news! All that and more is covered by Veeam! Dive deeper in this educational technical session, where we showcase particular features that help backup admins to go through the day-to-day routine with ease!



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