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Top 4 trends in de public cloud

Public cloud computing nowadays is a given. But what is the future of public cloud? "New trends in public cloud computing expand public cloud offerings and present organizations with opportunities to simplify management and strengthen their commitment to “green IT,” but also could present potential regulatory compliance pitfalls."

In this research report, Gartner enables I&O leaders to anticipate and adapt their strategies to the future of cloud computing.

Learn from the recommendations of Gartner

I&O leaders focused on cloud and edge infrastructure should:

  • "Expand their cloud automation strategies by incorporating new automated CSP tools and services into processes and skills.
  • Explore new cloud use cases that are being created by new wireless communications advances, mainly those that allow the creation of new immersive customer experiences and new business models. 
  • Pursue solutions, such as data encryption and distributed cloud, that allow for maximizing the use of a preferred strategic cloud provider. Regional providers do not have the capabilities of global hyperscalers and the trade-offs for using a local provider may be unacceptable to application architects. 
  • Monitor future developments of new geopolitical regulatory and protections by working closely with legal and compliance teams within the organisation.
  • Incorporate sustainability goals into the cloud strategies by leveraging a cloud providers' environmental initiatives and advances that deliver additional business value like strengthening the brand equity of your organization." 






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