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The 2018 global CIO report

Based on a global survey of 800 CIOs, this report examines the challenges organizations face when working within complex enterprise cloud ecosystems. Technology is at the heart of every organization today. Now more than ever, organizations need to move fast, be agile, and go digital in order to compete and differentiate. Hybrid multi-cloud, microservices and containers, DevOps, user experience demands and the need for scale and enterprise grade solutions all contribute to the increasingly difficult task businesses face when trying to monitor and manage performance. A summary of the challenges:

  1. Pressure mounts to adopt new technologies rapidly.
  2. New technologies continue to add complexity.
  3. Too much time spent on resolving digital performance problems
  4. Even solutions are problematic.
  5. Too much money spent on resolving digital performance problems.
  6. AI believed to be needed to manage complexity.



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