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Order to Virtualization Chaos

Enterprises have embraced virtualization as a means of accelerating deployment of applications, increasing IT productivity, enhancing security, reducing costs, and enabling business continuity. But along the way, they found that virtualization is a diverse environment of local, cloud, and hybrid deployments. It’s definitely not a neatly buttoned-down, one-size-fits-all ecosystem.

Architectures and tools that once worked for a handful of on-premises VMs typically do not scale well, nor do they take full advantage of new hypervisor and cloud APIs that can optimize the protection of VM-housed data, while addressing the shortcomings of various platforms. Even more, none of them really focus on the actual application data that’s housed in your VMs, regardless of the type of VM container. But that data is your real source of business value.

Let’s explore approaches and solutions that can help reduce the complexity of your virtualized environment, with a focus on:

  • Controlling VM sprawl and supporting hybrid cloud environments
  • Meeting protection and recovery SLAs
  • Enabling further virtualization and paving the way for more data growth



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