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Gartners technologietrends 2021

What will we be talking about and start working on next year? Gartner released its Technology Trend report for 2021, and it is full of opportunities.

The socioeconomic challenges of 2020 (the pandemic) resulted in a change of how many people live and work, and some of these changes might be permanent. This offers new opportunities for 2021, summarized under the themes of People Centricity, Location Independence and Resilient Delivery.

According to Gartner, the people centricity theme focuses on people’s behaviours, experience and privacy. The location independence theme addresses the technology shifts that are driving a distributed cloud structure that facilitates anywhere operations in both business and IT. This theme also describes how a cybersecurity mesh shifts the security perimeter to the individual. Finally, the resilient delivery theme is about having the ability to nimbly adapt or pivot in a dynamic business or IT environment.

In this report, Gartner explains these topics and the technologies that come with them, and predicts their future impact.

For Sentia, the trends identified endorse the steps we have been taking with expanding and upgrading our service portfolio. Topics such as the Total Experience, Hyperautomation and - of course - Distributed Cloud, match with our expertise, ambition and customer’s objectives. 

So, want to be prepared for the coming year? Download the free report and make sure you can lead the way!



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