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Een succesvolle cloud journey

Today, it is no longer possible to separate business and technological development. The company must have a clear idea of what it wants to achieve by moving to the cloud. Developers need to have a much deeper understanding of the business. And both parties need to know that the implementation of cloud technologies is a dynamic process.

The three key questions
When an organisation is at the start of its cloud journey, it is not necessarily ready to make the necessary decisions during the dynamic process we call cloud adoption. During that phase, you should ask yourself three key questions:

1.      Why do you want to move the business to the cloud?

2.      What is it that you want to achieve with the transition?

3.      How will you organise yourself to achieve the goal?

In other words: To take advantage of the many promises that a cloud strategy offers, it is necessary to see business and technological development as a whole from the beginning of the journey.

Focus points and 5D delivery
Over the following pages, we dive a little deeper into what it is worth paying attention to before transitioning to the cloud. We look at what sets the biggest cloud vendors apart, what focus points you should be aware of, and how we at Sentia can handle the task through our 5D delivery model.

Finally, you can read about three examples of how other companies have approached the task. Perfion, Infare and Lely each faced their challenges, and they can therefore illustrate the scale of what is involved in taking on the tasks of cloud adoption and optimisation



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