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Controle houden op IT audit kosten

Bevoorrechte Identities en Compliance

Bevoorrechte Identities en Compliance

When the firm’s security and compliance officer was charged with improving staff efficiency he sought ways to address this issue quickly, without impacting the quality of IT service. The executive’s focus turned to automating the manual controls that were then in place to manage, audit and report the organization’s use of privileged accounts since this was seen as a practical way to lower staff overhead while reducing the uncertainty of IT audit results.
The executive’s proposed solution was first tested in a limited, pilot deployment. After the organization measured the resulting improvements the program was expanded to cover all sites on the global network.

This paper outlines the ways that privileged identity management software can help lower the cost and uncertainty of IT regulatory audits. It describes the steps that organizations can take to secure privileged identities without disrupting IT services, and how to efficiently document compliance with key standards like PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA, NERC and others. It also presents a case study of how this financial institution got IT compliance costs under control.


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