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5 considerations for Cloud monitoring

You invested in an enterprise cloud solution to build and run your software at a speed and scale that will transform your business—that’s where cloud platforms excel. But are you prepared for the complexity that comes with speed and scale?

As software development transitions to a cloud-native approach that employs microservices, containers, and software-defined cloud infrastructure, the immediate future will bring more complexity than the human mind can envision.

You also invested in monitoring tools—lots of them over the years. But some of your traditional monitoring tools don’t work in this new dynamic world of speed and scale that cloud computing enables. That’s why many analysts and industry leaders predict that more than 50% of enterprises will entirely replace their traditional monitoring tools in the next few years.

Which brings us to why we’ve written this guide. Your software is important, and choosing the right monitoring platform will make speed and scale your greatest advantage instead of your biggest obstacle.



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