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Modern Application Development on AWS: best practices and design patterns

A modern 'cloud native' application is characterized by the highest possible use of managed services. As an example, these days, we see an increased frequency of companies opting to have their database server managed by Amazon, rather than doing so themselves. Additionally, an important aspect of cloud native applications is their scalability. In this way, the costs equal usage, and you still get the performance needed to handle large peaks in visitor numbers

With AWS, Sentia has found a good partner, one that not only looks to the future, but adapts its services, tools and products to it. This enables Sentia to bring a truly future-proof solution to its customers. In addition, AWS offer systems which allow to simultaneously bring 'classic' applications and infrastructure to the cloud in a dependable way.

Sentia believes that together with AWS services, new techniques are unlucked, those which were previously only at the disposal of the largest players. Consider for example the following innovations:

  • Event driven architectures
  • Global infrastructure
  • Machine learning
  • Even quantum computers

However, simply having such capacity at your disposal is not enough. You must also know how to make the best use of it. Moreover, it’s also important to use these new technologies in the safest way. Sentia sees it as its task to understand these new technologies and to translate them into optimal use so you can become a digital leader!





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