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Enhance DevOps with hybrid cloud

A challenging market landscape, characterised by intense competition, more regulation and an increasingly sophisticated customer, means ISVs need to develop and deploy innovative and powerful applications for their customers, quickly and at high frequency.

A DevOps methodology provides a compelling approach to help software vendors achieve this. Focused on accelerating the creation, delivery and implementation of business-critical applications, it provides ISVs with an efficient and effective method of creating and managing the development of new and legacy applications.

However, such an approach can be extremely onerous on an ISV’s IT infrastructure and processes. DevOps programmes typically put significant burdens on shared development and test data environments, and deployments may take place in physical structures that are in high demand among disparate teams and departments.

A hybrid cloud model helps enable a DevOps approach, by allowing developers to use a consistent underlying platform that benefits both developers and IT operations, with the ability to control which workloads are run on-premises and which are run in the cloud depending on the organisational goals and compliance requirements.



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